Hermanos Ruiz Ripiero

Casa fundada en 1969

In Hermanos Ruiz Ripiero you will find a great variety of high quality products, including shoes, handbags, tools for hunting or country work and work of art from various artists and craftsmen. Below you can see some examples of our work.

- Woman handbag in fine leather, engraved by hand in rustic style -

- Detail of artisan engrave in handbag -

- Artisan handbag in two colours cow leather -

- Detail of sewing in artisan handbag -

- Handmade chap in cow leather -

- Detail of chap's tassel -

- Detail of chap's decoration -

- Hunting and horse riding boots -

- Artisan hunting boot -

- Detail of rifle case in greased leather -

- Ammunition bags in leather for hunting -

- Draws and sculptures of Josechu Lalanda -